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Privacy Policy

Readygo Soft Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Corporation") is aware of the importance of dealing private information in the business. The corporation is in compliance with the Act on the protection of private information and to protect the private information, the following policies are listed.

  1. Private information is the information related to the individuals, including names, IDs, passwords and others that can identify a specific individual. (Other information that is easily matched to identify a specific individual is also included.)
  2. Upon the acquisition of the private information, the corporation acquires only the necessary information used for the specific purposes. The private information which is not in the necessary range (out of purpose) will not be acquired.
  3. The corporation complies with the laws and regulations set by the country regarding the handling of private information.
  4. To prevent any unauthorized access to the private information, leak, loss or damage of the private information, the corporation established the internal rules to protect the private information.
  5. The corporation has established the internal regulations to complaints and consultations regarding the private information, and honestly supports and responds to both complaints and consultations.
  6. The corporation will continuously improve the private information protection management system.

This Agreement is effective as of June 2nd, 2015.
Readygo Soft
CEO James Park

Private information on Readygo official site

Use purpose of the private information
The corporation manages Readygo official site (hereinafter referred to as “service”), and acquires private information for below purposes. (Matters regarding the provision of the services)

  1. Support customers' inquiries
  2. Support the provision of paid products
  3. Customer's confirmation
  4. Provide the campaign products in the campaign customers participate
  5. Service improvement
  6. Use as an attribute information for those customers who publish advertisement on the corporation website
  7. Use as statistics in the form which cannot be personally identified
  8. For customers to view, modify or delete the information registered by themselves, as well as to confirm the usage situation
  9. Distribute e-newsletters

On the performance of our services, if using private information for purposes other than those listed above, the corporation will inform you individually from the corporation website. If wishing to change the purpose of the use, it shall have a considerable relevance to the original purpose and shall not exceed the reasonably accepted range. In addition, in order to collect private information directly from the customers, it is done by fair and legal means. The corporation does not collect the information without customer’s will neither with illegal means. Regarding the collection and the purposes of the private information, customer agreement is needed and the necessary information will be announced on the corporation website. However, the information that does not violet any profits worthy to protect is not included.

The provision and the consignment of the private information to a third party

The corporation does not provide any private information to a third party without below conditions:

  1. Customer agreement
  2. Based on the laws
  3. In the case when it is necessary for the protection of human life, health or property and difficult to obtain an agreement from the customer
  4. In the case when it is necessary for the improvement of public health or children health development and difficult to obtain an agreement from the customer
  5. In the case when there is a need to cooperate with the government or a local association to carry out the office work stipulated by the laws and regulations despite customer’s agreement.
  6. When it is confirmed that the customer has violated the public customs, laws and the EULA, and to protect the third party or the corporation’s rights and services
Private information sharing

In the case when the corporation conducts a business activity with a particular business, the necessary private information will be shared with the particular business. However, the corporation will inform the customers of the purpose of the use. To manage it safely, an agreement of the private information and an appropriate management will be executed.

Private information consignment

In order to smoothly carry out the corporation work, there is a case that the private information management will be consigned to others. In the case that the private information management is consigned, the safety management measure’s adequacy of the contractor will be examined based on the corporation and confidentiality agreement with the contractor will also be provided under an appropriate supervision.

Cookies and links

The service offers better services by having customers enable the web browser cookies. Cookies are a function for exchanging information between web browser and the web server such as user information and access history. Although the use of cookies is convenient, it may not be preferred from the viewpoint of the privacy protection; therefore, user needs to use it properly at one’s own responsibility. Moreover, there are several external website links in the service, but the corporation will not take any responsivity for the private information management of those websites. It is recommended reading each of the privacy policy when using each link.

Acquisition of the equipment information and line information

The equipment information such as CPU, memory, graphic card, HDD free space, OS and line information can be retrieved when users using a part of the service. Collecting the information is to provide a compatible service content that meets the specifications of the equipment and to operate a fair and stable service.

Disclosure of the private information

The corporation corresponds to the requests for disclosure, correction and suspension of the privacy data from the users. Please contact the user information management department if wishing to disclose, correct, add or delete, suspend the private information. However, under the circumstances below, a disclosure or a deletion of the information may be declined.