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Full Screen Recording Mode

Full Screen recording

"Full Screen Recording" is a function that allows you to video recording or image capture the whole desktop. All kinds of object on the desktop such as browsers, software, videos, PC games are supported. Select "Full Screen" to start a video capture or an image capture.

Only the images on the very top of the screen will be captured no matter the "Full Screen Capture" or "Designated Area Capture" is selected. On the other hand, when using "Game Capture", the selected game or the software will be captured no matter they are on the top of the screen or not.
※The Pro version which supports "Game Recording" feature will be released in fall 2015.

Create a full screen recording

  1. Select "Full Screen".
  2. Select Full Screen.
  3. Select "Start".
  4. Select Start.
  5. Select "Stop".
  6. Select Stop.
No frame will appear when creating a full screen recording.
※When using more than 2 monitors, the monitor where you can find the "Full Screen" bar will be proceeded to capture.

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