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Record audio only

The recorded audio file will be saved as .wav

Audio Recording (Audio Capture) Target

  • PC sound (Sound from the PC playing in a browser or music player)
  • Microphone sound
  • PC sound + microphone sound
Recorded file will be saved as .wav - a very common format in Windows that can play with any kind of media player!

Supported output file

  • .wav extension file
  • Supported Audio Codec: AAC, MP2, MP3, WASAPI supported

How to use the Recording audio only

  1. Launch Readygo Screen Recorder
    Launch Readygo Screen Recorder
  2. Select the [Video] tab.
    Select the [Video] tab.
  3. Please select the audio you want to record from [Speaker Device] or [Microphone Device].
    Please select the audio you want to capture from [Speaker Device] or  [Microphone Device].
  4. To create an audio recording you can either pressaudiobelow the [REC Start・Stop] button or by pressing the shortcut key 「F9」
    ※Change the shortcut keys
    ※The recorded videos will be saved in the following location
    ※Change the default save location

A reasonable paid version without limitation of recording duration,
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