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[Capture(CE001)] The information we need from you when having a capture issue

If you are having problems when capturing with Readygo Screen Recorder, or problems of the outputs of the video/ audio or image, please follow below steps to retrieve the logs and paste them in the inquiry form.
The log helps to determine the cause of the problem, and that we will be able to look into your issue.

【How to retrieve a log】

  1. Launch Readygo Screen Recorder, and start your capture.
  2. Select [Info] tab
  3. Click [Report] button
  4. Click the [Open] on the left side of [REC Start/ Stop] button.

After following the steps above, you will find a file which is named similar to "Report_2015-06-01 16-35-00.log"
Open this file, copy all and paste in the inquiry form.